UAAP 70 Final Four

Only one slot remains and the final four will soon be identified. Still at the top of the list is the powerhouse UE Red Warriors, tied in second are the DLSU Green Archers and ADMU Blue Eagles. The UST Growling Tigers still shaky in the fourth place as the FEU Tamaraws is just right behind.


Earlier the Eagles won a crucial match over their rivals the Archers in a very tight and physical match. Rico Maierhofer failed to extend the match with overtime as he was only a split second short in throwing a very crucial basket. It’s 2-0 in favor of Ateneo for these two rivals.


The Eagles and Archers are both chasing for the no. 2 spot with the twice to beat advantage. Whoever wins their last matches will get the incentive. The Eagles will face Nu on Saturday while the Archers are up against the top seed Warriors.


On the other hand, the Tigers were able to get back-to-back victories over UP 77-61 and AdU 74-62. To secure the last spot in the final four, the defending champs need to win their last match against the Tamaraws on Thursday.


UE        13-0   *          FEU     7-6

ADMU  9-4     *          NU      5-8

DLSU     9-4    *          ADU    1-12

UST        8-5                UP       0-13


* – part of the final four




My forecast seems to be accurate, at least three of my predictions for now. The Tigers needs to win over the Tamaraws first. If they win, they secure the final slot. But if they lose, they might face the Tamaraws again since they will be tied if ever.


On the other hand, if UE will be able to get a round 2 sweep, they will move on to the Finals. Then the third and fourth placer will have a face-off where the winner will face the team on the second spot with a twice to beat disadvantage. The winner will of course face the Warriors.


But if UE loses to DLSU on Thursday, we will have the usual semi-finals. The first placer will face the fourth placer with the twice to beat incentive, while the second placer, also with the same benefit, will face the third placer.


So yeah, the last matches are all crucial. Especially for the top 5 teams.


UAAP team standings (as of 090207); Final four predictions

UE       12-0                FEU     6-6

DLSU    9-3                 NU       4-7

ADMU   7-4                 ADU     1-10

UST       7-5                 UP       0-11

The Warriors still secure the top spot of the final four as they defeat the Tamaraws 79-72, hoping to for a sweep as the end of round 2 comes closer.

The Archers, following closely behind in the second spot, slammed the Bulldogs 78-64.

On the other hand, Ateneo managed to soar into the top as they fortify their position into the final four with back-to-back victories over UST and AdU.

Though they lost to the Eagles, the Tigers managed to get back as they overpowered the winless Maroons 77-61. Meanwhile, FEU still proves to be a contender for a final four spot.


There are only a few games left guys and the final four will finally be revealed. Will your team make it to the FINAL 4?

A few months ago, a week before season 70 started, I predicted the four teams which I think will make it to the top four in the post UAAP season 70 fearless forecast which you can find here.

The forecast was based on the team rosters and their standings on the previous season. Also included in the post are my top five players.

I’ll post it here it again, just to recap. And I’ll also add who I think deserves the Rookie of the Year award.

Again these are MY opinions or predictions, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this will happen or what, I might be wrong yes (sorry, I just have to say it coz there are people who keeps on posting weird comments).

UAAP Final Four (in no particular order):

1.      UST Growling Tigers

2.      DLSU Green Archers

3.      ADMU Blue Eagles

4.      UE Red Warriors

Top five players:

1.      Jervy Cruz – UST (the guy who truly deserves to win the MVP award)

2.      Woody Co – UP

3.      Jai Reyes – ADMU

4.      Jv Casio – DLSU

5.      Marcy Arellano – UE

My Rookie of the year prediction:

Kashim Mirza (UST) – if you’ve seen him play, then I guess I don’t have to explain further.


Mike Gamboa (UP) – the next Marvin Cruz, the boy’s got great potential.

UAAP 70 team standings (as of 082707)

UE         11-0               FEU     5-5

DLSU     8-3                NU      4-6

UST        6-4                ADU    1-9

ADMU  5-4                 UP       0-9


The Warriors are unstoppable as they add another win in their bid for the championship defeating the Falcons 73-56. I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing the UE in the final four with the twice to beat advantage.


Meanwhile, UST routs NU 84-72. The Tigers and the Archers shows to be contenders to the final four slots, with both teams aiming to get the second place also with the twice to beat advantage.


Trailing closely behind are the Eagles, who will face the Tigers Thursday, and the Tamaraws up against the winless Maroons, also on the same day.

PBA trades

Alaska and Welcoat trades cagers as Nic Belasco goes to the Dragons while Junjun Cabatu to the Aces.


On the other hand, Air21’s 8th pick Yousif Alajamal is now a part of Talk N Text. Apparently the deal was made before the rookie draft since Phone Pals gave up their first round pick for an earlier trade. Air21 intends to keep Intal, Kramer, Cruz and Masbang.


Aside from those, there are no other trades that I’ve heard of or read in the newspapers.

UE still invincible

Though the defending champions UST Growling Tigers managed a back-to-back win over the Ateneo Blue Eagles and DLSU Green Archers, they are still short against the unshakable UE Red Warriors losing 82-99.


With 9 consecutive victories, the Warriors still leads the tally board as they are only a step away to secure a spot in the final four with the twice to beat advantage.


The Archers who slammed a 74-66 game over the Tamaraws, owns the second spot with a 6-3 standing. Following closely behind are the Tigers and the Tamaraws both with 5-4 standings.


Meanwhile, still fighting and hoping to get to the finals, the Eagles and the Bulldogs are tied in the 5th and 6th place with 4-4. The Falcons and the Maroons, still at the bottom.

2007 PBA Rookie Draft

Round 1

  1. Welcoat           – Joe Devance

  2. San Miguel       – Samigue Eman

  3. Sta. Lucia         – Ryan Reyes

  4. Air 21              – JC Intal

  5. Air 21              – Doug Kramer

  6. Alaska              – Ken Bono

  7. Alaska              – JR Quiñahan

  8. Air 21              – Yousif Aljamal

  9. San Miguel       – Jonas Villanueva

  10. Ginebra            – Macky Escalona

Round 2

  1.  Coca-cola       – Ronjay Buenafe

  2. Welcoat           – Ryan Araña

  3. Sta. Lucia         – Melvin Mamaclay

  4. Air 21              – Marvin Cruz

  5. Red Bull           – Jojo Duncil (with Purefoods trading with Red Bull)

  6. Alaska              – Ardy Larong

  7. Red Bull           – Passed

  8. Talk N Text      – Passed

  9. Red Bull           – Passed

  10. Air 21              – RJ Masbang

No surprise for the 1st and 2nd pick.

I had a feeling San Miguel might get Intal, luckily they didn’t. The Beermen is full of Ateneo cagers.

My favorite point guard Marvin Cruz was drafted to Air21, I was expecting it but I was hoping that a better team would take him instead, I’m no Air21 fan. Well they need a good point guard anyway. I didn’t expect Escalona being drafted to Ginebra also.

Red Bull took Duncil, might be to replace Fonacier who is now part of the Beermen.

I’m still a San Miguel Beermen fan. Lol.

The next conference is set on October 14.

UAAP games cancelled

Thanks to Typhoon ‘Egay’, the UAAP board decided to cancel the UAAP games today, August 16.


For the senior men’s basketball, the supposed to be matches for the day were defending champions UST Growling Tigers to face the winless UP Fighting Maroons while the NU Bulldogs against the DLSU Green Archers, with the latter hoping to get a comeback after their recent lost.


Jv Casio was injured during the Archers match against the Tigers where they lost 73-81. I’m not sure if we will see him in action but his absence, if he still hasn’t fully recovered, will be crucial for the Archers.


DLSU is tied with UST and FEU in second place. UE on the other hand is still invincible with 8 straight wins while it is the opposite for the young team of UP still at the bottom of the tally board.


Meanwhile the Eagles, who suffered three consecutive loses against the Warriors, Tigers and Tamaraws, is tied with the Bulldogs with a 4-4 standing.

UAAP 70 team standings (as of 081307)

UE          8-0                ADMU     4-4

UST        5-3                NU           4-4

DLSU     5-3                ADU         1-7

FEU       5-3                UP            0-8

The Warriors is still invincible as they clipped the Eagles 73-68 as they continue to rule the tally board.

After 8 years and 15 matches, the Tigers finally pounced the Archers in an overtime victory 81-73, both sharing the second spot with 5-3 standings.

FEU on the other hand proved that they are competitors for the championship as they strike AdU 72-69 which brings them to the second place with UST and DLSU. On the other hand, UP is still winless as they bow to NU 66-85.