I’m no sports writer but I want to be one. I used to post about sports in my personal blog  berniss.blogspot  but nobody seems to bother reading them, so I created this blog, my so called “sports blog”.

 **  Milano,  who is currently staying in Canada, is my best friend since garde school. She writes whatever that comes in her big brain – reviews, poems, short stories to name a few. She’s the better writer actually. I miss this girl.

**  Neida, the entertainment writer. Also a close friend since grade school. We both want to work in the media industry… soon.

** Mj, the bohemian slash catatonic gal. The girl who is always in a hurry. A certified movie buff and library queen.

** Julai, the girl who is my exact opposite, but we’re friends despite our differences. She is very frank, and you’ll see it in the way she writes.

**  Cha , the bratty, brutal and pinky girl. A fellow basketball fan. She’s one cool girl – the first girl I knew who watches WWE. Couldn’t get any better than that.


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