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1-2 for SMC – Team Pilipinas in the 29th William Jones Cup international basketball tournament.
Though the team defeated defending champion team USA in the opening, they suffered two consecutive defeats to Lebanon and Japan. And the thing is that SMC –RP should have won but the loss in the last two games was all due to an error made by the same cager, who happens to be one of my favorite cager, Dondon Hontiveros.
My sister and I couldn’t believe the lost to Japan. I mean the Japanese were young, age ranges from 21-24 – they are like UAAP players!
I’m not blaming Hontiveros or what but it was really his mistake. Nevertheless he still played well. The loss was just heartbreaking. I mean there we were, defeating USA in the debut, Team Pilipinas soared… but then crashed.
Well, hope we win the succeeding matches.
So much for the Olympic Dream.
I can’t believe they did not include Danny Seigle. He’s one of the greatest players. Anyway, at least my other favorite cagers are part of the line up: Hontiveros and Helterbrand.
The UST Tigresses made a successful comeback in the Shakey’s V-League sweeping the SSC Lady Stags. Champions again! The Tigresses skipped the last conference because the team’s key players graduated.
Too bad I forgot to watch game 2 because I was watching Star Wars Episode II. Lol.