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UAAP season 71

Because of my job, I now can’t watch every UAAP and NCAA games. But then again I have to work can’t complain much.

Anyway, even though season 71 started weeks ago, for my Final Four this season I guess I have to stick to my season 70 final four, no further explanation needed:

  1. UST Growling Tigers
  2. ADMU Blue Eagles
  3. DLSU Green Archers
  4. UE Red Warriors

Still I think UP got a long way to go, team is still young. AdU and FEU can be contenders but I’m not sure if both teams have the drive to be the champs (even though both are on the upper half of the tally board). Jervy Cruz still for the MVP title? I have a feeling it would still be.

Team standings ( as of 072408 )

ADMU 4 – 0 UE 2 – 2

DLSU 3 – 1 UST 1 – 3

FEU 3 – 1 UP 1 – 3

AdU 2 – 2 NU 0 – 4


Magnolia kicks off with a victory

The Magnolia Beverage Masters slammed the youthful Air21 Express 121-112 in the opener of the 2007-08 PBA Conference.

Absent from the previous conference to take part of the RP team, Danny Seigle and Dondon Hontiveros made their presence felt as they exploded with 28 and 15 point respectively.

Well, obviously the wining team carries much experience so the outcome is not really a shocker.



But anyway, it’s great to watchtwo of my favorite cagers, Seigle and Fonacier play in the same team. Magnolia for the championship. biased! Lol.

UAAP 70 champs

They’re back and they’re number one.

Congratulations to the DLSU Green Archers for winning the UAAP 70 senior men’s basketball championship!

I was disappointed with UE’s performance. What happened to them? I was expecting a close and exciting fight. Well, 14-0 is nothing if you won’t win the championship right?

Anyway, congrats again to the Archers! They’re back.


Special awards:

Best in assist – Japs Cuan (UST)

Defensive player – Edwin Asoro (NU)

Rookie of the year – Ricardo Cawaling (FEU)

Mythical 5:

Point guard       – Jv casio (DLSU)

Guard               – Chris Tiu (ADMU)

Forward           – Mark Borboran (UE)

Power forward – Rico Maierhoffer (DLSU)

Center               – Jervy Cruz (UST)

MVP – Jervy Cruz (UST)

Finals MVP – Cholo Villanueva and Jv Casio


It was a great season. Proves that power and confidence without passion can’t win you the gold. I was really disappointed with the game. Sigh.

Anyway. Can’t wait for next year. and of course, PBA starts soon!!

Until then, I’m on blog leave.

Back to work!!

End of the Warrior’s luck?

Not only did the DLSU Green Archers defeated their rivals the Ateneo Blue Eagles to get to the finals, but they also got the finals game 1 against the powerhouse UE Red Warriors.

Yeah, this post is a bit too late. And I didn’t get to watch game 1 because I already have work. Anyway, I’m rooting for the Archers (I’ve always been an Archer fan anyway.).

And yeah, I guess I can’t give any comment whatsoever. Lol.

So is will the powerhouse house team finally run out of strength and get slammed by the team who was absent last season? The plot thickens. A good reason to love basketball eh?

Eagles end Tigers title bid

The Ateneo Blue Eagles finally got back at the team who defeated them in the finals of the previous season. They were able to defeat the defending champion UST Growling Tigers to get the right to battle team no. 2 Archers.


That’s it for the champs. There’ll be a new champion this season.




Sorry, don’t have the details now, the game just ended and I forgot to take it down. I’ll just edit this later.



DLSU secures 2nd spot

The Archers got the 2nd spot in the final four by striking the Eagles 70-69. They finally got their revenge after losing to their rivals twice in a row. On the other hand, the Tigers slashed the Tamaraws 80-69 in their face-off for the 4th place.


The Eagles and Tigers will meet on Sunday where the winner will face the Archers who hold the twice-to-beat advantage.


The powerhouse Warriors will have to wait to know the team who will face them on the finals.


Final four


  1. UE Red Warriors *

  2. DLSU Green Archers

  3. ADMU Blue Eagles

  4. UST Growling Tigers


* finals

Dynasty ended

Congratulations to the UP Pep Squad for winning the 2007 UAAP Cheer Dance Competition.


The group ended the 5 consecutive victories of the defending champions the UST Salinggawi Dance Troupe, who landed 1st place this year. Getting the 2nd place was the FEU Pep Squad.


The competition was tight and each group was great. Congrats again to the winners!

UAAP 70 Final Four

Only one slot remains and the final four will soon be identified. Still at the top of the list is the powerhouse UE Red Warriors, tied in second are the DLSU Green Archers and ADMU Blue Eagles. The UST Growling Tigers still shaky in the fourth place as the FEU Tamaraws is just right behind.


Earlier the Eagles won a crucial match over their rivals the Archers in a very tight and physical match. Rico Maierhofer failed to extend the match with overtime as he was only a split second short in throwing a very crucial basket. It’s 2-0 in favor of Ateneo for these two rivals.


The Eagles and Archers are both chasing for the no. 2 spot with the twice to beat advantage. Whoever wins their last matches will get the incentive. The Eagles will face Nu on Saturday while the Archers are up against the top seed Warriors.


On the other hand, the Tigers were able to get back-to-back victories over UP 77-61 and AdU 74-62. To secure the last spot in the final four, the defending champs need to win their last match against the Tamaraws on Thursday.


UE        13-0   *          FEU     7-6

ADMU  9-4     *          NU      5-8

DLSU     9-4    *          ADU    1-12

UST        8-5                UP       0-13


* – part of the final four




My forecast seems to be accurate, at least three of my predictions for now. The Tigers needs to win over the Tamaraws first. If they win, they secure the final slot. But if they lose, they might face the Tamaraws again since they will be tied if ever.


On the other hand, if UE will be able to get a round 2 sweep, they will move on to the Finals. Then the third and fourth placer will have a face-off where the winner will face the team on the second spot with a twice to beat disadvantage. The winner will of course face the Warriors.


But if UE loses to DLSU on Thursday, we will have the usual semi-finals. The first placer will face the fourth placer with the twice to beat incentive, while the second placer, also with the same benefit, will face the third placer.


So yeah, the last matches are all crucial. Especially for the top 5 teams.