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2007 PBA Rookie Draft

Round 1

  1. Welcoat           – Joe Devance

  2. San Miguel       – Samigue Eman

  3. Sta. Lucia         – Ryan Reyes

  4. Air 21              – JC Intal

  5. Air 21              – Doug Kramer

  6. Alaska              – Ken Bono

  7. Alaska              – JR Quiñahan

  8. Air 21              – Yousif Aljamal

  9. San Miguel       – Jonas Villanueva

  10. Ginebra            – Macky Escalona

Round 2

  1.  Coca-cola       – Ronjay Buenafe

  2. Welcoat           – Ryan Araña

  3. Sta. Lucia         – Melvin Mamaclay

  4. Air 21              – Marvin Cruz

  5. Red Bull           – Jojo Duncil (with Purefoods trading with Red Bull)

  6. Alaska              – Ardy Larong

  7. Red Bull           – Passed

  8. Talk N Text      – Passed

  9. Red Bull           – Passed

  10. Air 21              – RJ Masbang

No surprise for the 1st and 2nd pick.

I had a feeling San Miguel might get Intal, luckily they didn’t. The Beermen is full of Ateneo cagers.

My favorite point guard Marvin Cruz was drafted to Air21, I was expecting it but I was hoping that a better team would take him instead, I’m no Air21 fan. Well they need a good point guard anyway. I didn’t expect Escalona being drafted to Ginebra also.

Red Bull took Duncil, might be to replace Fonacier who is now part of the Beermen.

I’m still a San Miguel Beermen fan. Lol.

The next conference is set on October 14.


Fonacier now a certified Beermen

It’s confrimed. Larry Fonacier is officially part of San Miguel Beernmen. I knew it, when I saw Enrico Villanueva playing for San Miguel, I was saying that they should have taken Fonacier instead. Anyway, in exchange for Fonacier, Redbull seeks Chris Calaguio, Francis Adriano and Brandon Cablay.


** I got the pic somewhere in the Internet.