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Magnolia kicks off with a victory

The Magnolia Beverage Masters slammed the youthful Air21 Express 121-112 in the opener of the 2007-08 PBA Conference.

Absent from the previous conference to take part of the RP team, Danny Seigle and Dondon Hontiveros made their presence felt as they exploded with 28 and 15 point respectively.

Well, obviously the wining team carries much experience so the outcome is not really a shocker.



But anyway, it’s great to watchtwo of my favorite cagers, Seigle and Fonacier play in the same team. Magnolia for the championship. biased! Lol.


PBA trades

Alaska and Welcoat trades cagers as Nic Belasco goes to the Dragons while Junjun Cabatu to the Aces.


On the other hand, Air21’s 8th pick Yousif Alajamal is now a part of Talk N Text. Apparently the deal was made before the rookie draft since Phone Pals gave up their first round pick for an earlier trade. Air21 intends to keep Intal, Kramer, Cruz and Masbang.


Aside from those, there are no other trades that I’ve heard of or read in the newspapers.

2007 PBA Rookie Draft

Round 1

  1. Welcoat           – Joe Devance

  2. San Miguel       – Samigue Eman

  3. Sta. Lucia         – Ryan Reyes

  4. Air 21              – JC Intal

  5. Air 21              – Doug Kramer

  6. Alaska              – Ken Bono

  7. Alaska              – JR Quiñahan

  8. Air 21              – Yousif Aljamal

  9. San Miguel       – Jonas Villanueva

  10. Ginebra            – Macky Escalona

Round 2

  1.  Coca-cola       – Ronjay Buenafe

  2. Welcoat           – Ryan Araña

  3. Sta. Lucia         – Melvin Mamaclay

  4. Air 21              – Marvin Cruz

  5. Red Bull           – Jojo Duncil (with Purefoods trading with Red Bull)

  6. Alaska              – Ardy Larong

  7. Red Bull           – Passed

  8. Talk N Text      – Passed

  9. Red Bull           – Passed

  10. Air 21              – RJ Masbang

No surprise for the 1st and 2nd pick.

I had a feeling San Miguel might get Intal, luckily they didn’t. The Beermen is full of Ateneo cagers.

My favorite point guard Marvin Cruz was drafted to Air21, I was expecting it but I was hoping that a better team would take him instead, I’m no Air21 fan. Well they need a good point guard anyway. I didn’t expect Escalona being drafted to Ginebra also.

Red Bull took Duncil, might be to replace Fonacier who is now part of the Beermen.

I’m still a San Miguel Beermen fan. Lol.

The next conference is set on October 14.

Fonacier now a certified Beermen

It’s confrimed. Larry Fonacier is officially part of San Miguel Beernmen. I knew it, when I saw Enrico Villanueva playing for San Miguel, I was saying that they should have taken Fonacier instead. Anyway, in exchange for Fonacier, Redbull seeks Chris Calaguio, Francis Adriano and Brandon Cablay.


** I got the pic somewhere in the Internet.

Fonacier in San Miguel?

An article appeared yesterday saying that Larry Fonacier might be part of the San Miguel Beermen in the next PBA conference. If that will happen, he will join his fellow Ateneo cagers Wesley Gonzales, LA Tenorio, Enrico Villanueva and Olsen Racela.




FIBA-Asia starts tomorrow. Let’s support team Philippines.