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Team Pilipinas tops third bracket

San Miguel Pilipinas has their mind set to win the consolation round of the FIBA-Asia tournament as the slammed a big win over Kuwait 89-58 to gain the top spot of Group G. Another impressive play was made by the young Gabe Norwood giving a total of 18 points and 5 rebounds.


SMC-RP will face the Group H winner team China, also part of the Gourp A bracket with the Philippines in the preliminary round, to fight for the 9th place of the tournament.


If team Pilipinas managed to attain the 9th place, it would somehow return the team’s damaged morale and at the same time gaining respect from the other teams. If they win classification round, at least we know that we’re half way from getting to the Olympics.



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SMC-RP vying for 9th place in FIBA

Despite the heartbreaking lose to Jordan that ended the team’s Olympic chances,  San Miguel Pilipinas clipped the national team of India 104-69 for their second consecutive win in the consolation round of the FIBA-Asia tournament in Tokushima.

It might be the wrong time to step up in the matches as Danny Seigle, who just recovered from his injuries and was a bit rusty in the preliminaries, exploded with 23 points. Gabe Norwood giving the same amount as well. If only Seigle got his groove back earlier.. sigh.

Team Pilipinas is now at the top of the third bracket of the tournament, along with Syria, India and Kuwait, all fighting for the 9th place.

Jordan ends SMC-RP’s Olympic bid

It was a bitter pill to swallow. A real heartbreaker. It is the end for the losing team of the match.

Unfortunately the Philippine National Basketball team is still not fully equipped as they take on the road to the ‘Olympic Dream’ as Jordan eliminates San Miguel Pilipinas 84-76 in the FIBA-Asia.

SMC-RP’s ‘Olympic Dream’ didn’t really turn out as a nightmare. The Filipino cagers worked really hard and did their best and that’s a good consolation.

Maybe next time we could see a Philippine Basketball team in the Olympics. Maybe next time we could see a more competitive National team where we could see the likes of Arwind Santos, Larry Fonacier, Enrico Villanueva, Jervy Cruz and Yousif Aljamal… I say put more pure pinoys in the team right?

I never liked Chot Reyes. Don’t know why, I just do.

Jimmy Alapag was great, I was really impressed with his performance. As well as Kelly Williams. Gabe Norwood’s good but he’s still young. Mark Caguioa, Asi Taulava and Dondon Hontiveros, they’re great too. Danny Seigle didn’t get much action though, still a bit rusty because the injury but I’m still a fan. Jayjay Helterbrand and Kerby Raymundo got their share of the spotlight. Mick Pennisi, Erik Menk and Renren Ritualo didn’t get much action as well. I think I mentioned all of them.

But hey, they tried right? And let’s just hope we’ll get it next time. Keep supporting them. Win or lose.


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