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Philippines end 29th Jones Cup with bronze, prepares for the pre-Olympic qualifier

After their consecutive big wins from Iran, Chinese Taipei and last from Qatar 88-80, lady luck slips team San Miguel Pilipinas from her hands as tailender Kazakhstan slammed a vicious 90-107 victory in the last day of the 29th William Jones Cup International Basketball Tournament held in Taiwan.

Jordan, defeated by team Japan in the last day, got their first taste of the gold, meanwhile Lebanon received the silver and the Philippines with a 5-4 record tumbled in fifth for the bronze to tie with USA, Chinese taipei, Iran and Korea.

In their last match, James Yap injured his right ankles after a bad fall in the second half with 5 minutes left in the regulation. He was carried by Asi Taulava out the court.

Team Pilipinas started out strong but after Dondon Hontiveros and Jimmy Alapag both sank two triples in the third half, the game was tied 55-all for the last time. The “Filipinos” (or should I say Fil-Ams) then lost their sparks failing to catch up to Kazakhstan as they stab a shooting fest.

SMC-RP should have won the silver but team Kazakhstan denied it.

Though they failed to end the tournament in a winning streak, SMC-RP proved that they have learned from their mistakes in their games against silver holder Lebanon and the young team of Japan, both of which they should have won.

They have managed to take advantage of their speed thus creating effective combinations in the court, this shows a great foundation on July 28 for the FIBA-Asia which will determine Asia’s representative for the Olympics.

But before the pre-Olympic qualifying tournament in Tokushima, the Filipinos will get an appetizer of the said tournament as the Philippines will host a four-nation invitational with China, Syria and Lebanon from July 12-15.

Team Philippines will face China, Iran and Jordan in Tokushima, thus the road to the “Olympic Dream” begins.

** Danny Seigle was seen sitting at the benches along with team Philippines in their last two games at the 29th Jones Cup. It seems that he had recovered from his injury. If he will take part in the FIBA-Asia, we will have higher chances.


Sports update

29th Jones Cup

Team San Miguel Pilipinas ruled the court gaining a big victory over team Taiwan in their in own land 82-64. The team finally took advantage of their speed as well as delivering a solid defense. Mark Caguioa was unstoppable ending the game with 20 points.
There is still hope.** While watching the game with only three minutes in the regulation, for some unexplainable reason ESPN suddenly stopped airing the game. Same goes with ABC5. What the f**k.

UAAP season 70

The UE Red Warriors got their revenge on the team that eliminated them in the semis last season and defending champion the UST Growling Tigers 73-60. The Tigers felt the impact of losing one of their key players Jojo Duncil who will take part in the PBA draft next month.
The Ateneo Blue eagles clipped the Adamson Falcons in an overtime victory 69-63. The Eagles is not as good without Escalona, Intal and Kramer. I’ll be waiting for their match against the Archers and I have a feeling the latter will be victorious.

Sports update

29th Jones Cup

SMC-RP managed to get back on track as they slashed team Iran in a 89-79 victory.

Finally we get to see more of James Yap in action as he delivered a decent amount of points in the ball game.

There is hope for team Philippines in the 29th Jones Cup. It’s great that they managed to come up with an effective strategy, to use the team’s only advantage – speed. SMC-RP is probably the fastest in the tournament. They are improving in terms of their offense. Slowly they’re getting used to international basketball.

We can just hope that undersize team Pilipinas could give the same result against taller Iran team in FIBA – Asi Taulava look like Jimmy Alapag next to the Iran players. Lol.

UAAP season 70

Suspended in the previous season, the returning DLSU Green Archers proved that they are to be feared as they ripped the young team of the UP Fighting Maroons 82-61 in the opening of the 70th season of the UAAP tournament.

In the other game, the FEU Tamaraws folds to the NU Bulldogs 70-73.

I didn’t like the opening number of the Salinggawi Dance Troupe, and also their uniform. Lol.

** I started this sports update thing last year. Here I am again. There’s nothing good on TV so I’ve been watching a lot of basketball instead.

** I just found out that UE’s Bonbon Custodio will not play this season, so I’ll put Marcy Arellano in my top 5 instead. Sorry. Lol.



A Philippine basketball team in the upcoming Olympics seems hazy. Team Pilipinas has a 2-3 standing in the 29th William Jones Cup held in Taipei.


Though the team whipped a sweet victory over Korea, they bowed to the bigger Jordan team the following day. SMC-RP struggled throughout the game against the latter team and failed to gain momentum finishing with 70-74 on the score board.


The SMC-RP line-up seems ineffective. Erik Menk, Mick Penissi and James Yap couldn’t contribute anything to the team. I don’t know much about Gabe Norwood and why is he part of the line-up.


Coach Chot reyes even said that if Danny Seigle was there they would have less trouble. See. So I don’t know why he isn’t there.


I just hope we’ll be luckier and better in Japan for the FIBA-Asia Men’s Championship. And hope that Seigle will be playing for a higher winning chance so the “Olympic Dream” wouldn’t be just a dream.




Andy Roddick lost to Richard Gasquet who’ll be in the Wimbledon semi-finals. *sigh*




66 hotdogs in 12 minutes? Sounds like INDIGESTION to me. But hey, congratulations to Joey Chestnut for setting a new world record at the Nathan’s Hotdog eating contest, and also for beating the previous champion Takeru Kobayashi.


1-2 for SMC – Team Pilipinas in the 29th William Jones Cup international basketball tournament.
Though the team defeated defending champion team USA in the opening, they suffered two consecutive defeats to Lebanon and Japan. And the thing is that SMC –RP should have won but the loss in the last two games was all due to an error made by the same cager, who happens to be one of my favorite cager, Dondon Hontiveros.
My sister and I couldn’t believe the lost to Japan. I mean the Japanese were young, age ranges from 21-24 – they are like UAAP players!
I’m not blaming Hontiveros or what but it was really his mistake. Nevertheless he still played well. The loss was just heartbreaking. I mean there we were, defeating USA in the debut, Team Pilipinas soared… but then crashed.
Well, hope we win the succeeding matches.
So much for the Olympic Dream.
I can’t believe they did not include Danny Seigle. He’s one of the greatest players. Anyway, at least my other favorite cagers are part of the line up: Hontiveros and Helterbrand.
The UST Tigresses made a successful comeback in the Shakey’s V-League sweeping the SSC Lady Stags. Champions again! The Tigresses skipped the last conference because the team’s key players graduated.
Too bad I forgot to watch game 2 because I was watching Star Wars Episode II. Lol.