UAAP 70 champs

They’re back and they’re number one.

Congratulations to the DLSU Green Archers for winning the UAAP 70 senior men’s basketball championship!

I was disappointed with UE’s performance. What happened to them? I was expecting a close and exciting fight. Well, 14-0 is nothing if you won’t win the championship right?

Anyway, congrats again to the Archers! They’re back.


Special awards:

Best in assist – Japs Cuan (UST)

Defensive player – Edwin Asoro (NU)

Rookie of the year – Ricardo Cawaling (FEU)

Mythical 5:

Point guard       – Jv casio (DLSU)

Guard               – Chris Tiu (ADMU)

Forward           – Mark Borboran (UE)

Power forward – Rico Maierhoffer (DLSU)

Center               – Jervy Cruz (UST)

MVP – Jervy Cruz (UST)

Finals MVP – Cholo Villanueva and Jv Casio


It was a great season. Proves that power and confidence without passion can’t win you the gold. I was really disappointed with the game. Sigh.

Anyway. Can’t wait for next year. and of course, PBA starts soon!!

Until then, I’m on blog leave.

Back to work!!


8 comments so far

  1. kc on

    d MVP si casio & villianueva.ang tunay ay si jervy.go uste,go uste,go uste go go go.champion parin kame mga mang aagaw talo parin kau

  2. aicirt on

    pics nga ni chris

  3. joanna on

    i don’t know about u guys. but for me, CHRIS TIU is the best!! yeah! 🙂

  4. Bush on

    Cool guestbook, interesting information… Keep it UP. excellent site i really like your stuff.+

  5. kaycee on

    duh e talo na nga kayo e.. ganun kagaling tlga si papa cholo..hhahahahha si yummy i mean 🙂

  6. binatilyo bigotilyo on

    whooo!! ang kyut ng bigote ni coach pumaren! huwag nang ahitin para champion ulet!

  7. mHiya on

    ===well kahit anu pang sabihin nyo uaap 70 is done… i think that this uaap season will be thes season for the reson that i think ADMU will regain their title…..======

  8. steph on

    4 me the best player is ricardo cawaling he is the man that i luv!!!!!!!!!!

    ms Hopeless!

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