UAAP 70 Final Four

Only one slot remains and the final four will soon be identified. Still at the top of the list is the powerhouse UE Red Warriors, tied in second are the DLSU Green Archers and ADMU Blue Eagles. The UST Growling Tigers still shaky in the fourth place as the FEU Tamaraws is just right behind.


Earlier the Eagles won a crucial match over their rivals the Archers in a very tight and physical match. Rico Maierhofer failed to extend the match with overtime as he was only a split second short in throwing a very crucial basket. It’s 2-0 in favor of Ateneo for these two rivals.


The Eagles and Archers are both chasing for the no. 2 spot with the twice to beat advantage. Whoever wins their last matches will get the incentive. The Eagles will face Nu on Saturday while the Archers are up against the top seed Warriors.


On the other hand, the Tigers were able to get back-to-back victories over UP 77-61 and AdU 74-62. To secure the last spot in the final four, the defending champs need to win their last match against the Tamaraws on Thursday.


UE        13-0   *          FEU     7-6

ADMU  9-4     *          NU      5-8

DLSU     9-4    *          ADU    1-12

UST        8-5                UP       0-13


* – part of the final four




My forecast seems to be accurate, at least three of my predictions for now. The Tigers needs to win over the Tamaraws first. If they win, they secure the final slot. But if they lose, they might face the Tamaraws again since they will be tied if ever.


On the other hand, if UE will be able to get a round 2 sweep, they will move on to the Finals. Then the third and fourth placer will have a face-off where the winner will face the team on the second spot with a twice to beat disadvantage. The winner will of course face the Warriors.


But if UE loses to DLSU on Thursday, we will have the usual semi-finals. The first placer will face the fourth placer with the twice to beat incentive, while the second placer, also with the same benefit, will face the third placer.


So yeah, the last matches are all crucial. Especially for the top 5 teams.


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