Team Pilipinas tops third bracket

San Miguel Pilipinas has their mind set to win the consolation round of the FIBA-Asia tournament as the slammed a big win over Kuwait 89-58 to gain the top spot of Group G. Another impressive play was made by the young Gabe Norwood giving a total of 18 points and 5 rebounds.


SMC-RP will face the Group H winner team China, also part of the Gourp A bracket with the Philippines in the preliminary round, to fight for the 9th place of the tournament.


If team Pilipinas managed to attain the 9th place, it would somehow return the team’s damaged morale and at the same time gaining respect from the other teams. If they win classification round, at least we know that we’re half way from getting to the Olympics.



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  1. macjour on

    bKit hnDi ka Nag
    pA DRAFT????????
    sA PBA kna mag Laro uy…
    pRA masisira ang RING sa
    pag DUNK ninyo ni INTAL…..

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